Workshop ANR & DFG Market Power in Vertically Related Industry

June 28-29, 2012, Toulouse, France

The conference “Market Power in Vertically Related Markets” that is held in Toulouse (June, 28-29) is the fourth workshop of the French-German Project (MPinVRM) subsidized by the ANR and DFG. Previous workshops were organized in Toulouse (2009), Berlin (2010) and Paris (2011). The goal of our research project is to gain a deeper understanding on how an explicit account of the vertically separated structure of value chains affects market performance. We focus on the effect of imperfect competition in vertical chains. In particular, we ask how the balance of market power within the vertical structure affects economic efficiency in general and prices, quality, and the product variety of products in particular. Ultimately, our proposed research on vertical chains is meant to lead to robust guidelines for policy makers in the arena of modern competition policy.
More information, in particular the complete list of publications and working papers related to the project are available at: ANRDFG

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