It is awarded annually and recognizes an internationally renowned economist whose research is in the spirit of Professor Jean-Jacques Laffont’s work, and combines both theoretical & empiriques. The laureate of this prize presents his/her work at the annual IDEI conference.

Former laureates

Year Laureate Country University Nobel
2017 Ariel Pakes USA Harvard University  
2016 Susan Athey USA stanford University  
2015 Elhanan Helpman USA Harvard University  
2014 Joseph E. Stiglitz USA Columbia University 2001
2013 Eric Maskin USA Harvard University 2007
2012 Robert Townsend USA MIT  
2010 Robert Wilson USA Stanford University  
2009 Roger Myerson USA University of Chicago 2007
2008 Richard Blundell UK University College London (UCL)  
2007 Stephen Ross USA MIT  
2006 Daniel McFadden USA University of California, Berkely 2000
2005 Peter A. Diamond USA MIT 2010



Before the death of Professor Laffont, the institute  was organizing each year a conference honoring an internationally recognized economist :


Year Laureate Country University Nobel
2004 James Heckman USA University of Chicago 2000
2003 Olivier Jean Blanchard FRANCE MIT  
2002 Tony Atkinson UK Oxford University  
2001 Dale Jorgenson USA Harvard University  
2000 James Mirrlees UK Cambridge University 1996
1999 William Nordhaus USA Yale University  
1997 Hayne Leland USA Haas School of Business (Univ. California Berkeley)  
1996 Paul Samuelson USA MIT 1970
1995 Kenneth Arrow USA Stanford University 1972
1994 Jacques Dreze BELGIUM University of Liège  
1993 Robert Solow USA MIT 1987