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Evénements scientifiques

  • "Socially Responsible Investment” , Amundi, 8 décembre 2016


- Christian Gollier (TSE): Long-term risk and return in financial markets 
- Sébastien Pouget (TSE): Performance drivers behind responsible investments 

  • "Institutional Investors as Active Owners” , 6 juillet 2017

- Marie Briere (Amundi) and Sébastien Pouget (TSE): BlackRock vs Norway Fund at Shareholder Meetings: An Empirical Analysis of Disagreement in the Governance of Corporations 

  • “Sustainable and Responsible Asset Management in a Challenging Environment”, Amundi, 14 novembre 2017 

Talk by Jean Tirole (TSE) 

  • "Asset Allocation and Factor Investing” , Amundi, 7 juin 2017 


- Sylvian Chassang (New York University): Mostly Prior-Free Asset Allocation 
Philipp Krueger (Swiss Finance Institute): Sticky Expectations and the Profitability Anomaly 

  • “Household Finance: non-standard determinants of investment decisions”, Amundi, 20 décembre 2017 


- Nadja Guenster (University of Muenster and University of California at Berkeley): Altruism versus Egoism in Investment Decisions 
Milo Bianchi (TSE): Financial Literacy and Portfolio Choices: Lessons from French Investors 


Chaque année est publié un rapport qui synthétise l'activité scientifique de ce partenariat.

Rapport 2016-2017