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Christian Gollier

IDEI Researcher
Member of the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE)


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Karine Arcache
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Research Interests

Economics of Uncertainty
Environmental economics

Professional experiences

Current position

Professor of Economics, University Toulouse I
2005Membre du conseil scientifique de la fondation pour la culture de la sécurité industrielle
2005Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Observatoire de l'Epargne Européenne
2009Director of Toulouse School of Economics
July 2011Advisor for la Cour des Comptes on nuclear costs

Former positions

1997-2002Junior Fellow of the Institut Universitaire de France
2004Vice scientific director at CNRS, in charge of environment in social science
2006Member of the Jury d'agrégation de sciences économiques
2007-2009Director of the Laboratoire d'Economie des Ressources Naturelles


Engineer in applied math
Ph.D. in economics (Louvain)

Grants and awards

Winner of the following awards: "Royale Belge"(1988), "Ernst Meyer"(1989) and "Robert C. Witt (1995, 2002)
2001Paul A. Samuelson Award
2003Kulp Wright Book Award for The Economics of Risk and Time
2005Prize of the best paper "Optimal Portfolio Management for Individual Pensions Plans" presented at the First World Risk and Insurance Economics Conference, Salt Lake City
2007Kulp Wright Book Award for an outstanding original contribution to the literature of risk management and insurance
2007Member of the GIEC, the advisers group who received the 2007 Peace Nobel Prize
2008Kulp-Wright Book Award 2008 of the American Risk and Insurance Association for "Competitive Failures: Theory and Policy Implications", P.-A. Chiappori and C. Gollier eds, June 2006, MIT Press
December 2008European Research Council Grant
2009Management Science Meritorious Award
2009-2013Senior Fellow, Institut Universitaire de France
January 2009Member of the Economic Council for Durable Development
2010One of the leading authors of the Fifth IPCC Assessment Report
June 2011Erik Kempe Award
2012Fellow of the Econometric Society
2012Member of Academia Europaea
2013Prize of the Foundation Edouard Bonnefous

Work in progress

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Articles in refereed journals


Articles in refereed journals

Articles in non-refereed journals


Contributions to books

Contributions to reports

  • "Some Aspects of the Economics of Catastrophe Risk Insurance", Large-Scale Disasters: Lessons Learned, Part I, Chapter I, chapter 1, OECD Publishing, April 2004.

Articles in the Press