Research on Health Economics and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The research activity of IDEI on Health Economics and the Pharmaceutical Industry concerns the following general topics of research :

  • Economics and Value of Health:
    Determinants of health, value of health, including the consequences of better health for economic growth and patient welfare, and health expenses as investment vs. consumption.
  • Health System Reform, with a special emphasis on European health systems:
    Potential for market oriented solutions to provide affordable and sustainable health care. Consumer behavior; health related expenditures; consequences of insurance.
  • Industrial organization of the drug industry:
    Drivers of innovation in the health care industry and, more specifically, in the drug industry. Intellectual property policy (including patents) and the link to innovation
  • Industry Regulation and Consequences:
    Regulation and reimbursement of new products. Impact of advertising and marketing restrictions on patients and doctors


Claude Crampes, Helmuth Cremer, Jacques Crémer, Pierre Dubois, Frédérique Fève, Jean-Pierre Florens, Christian Gollier, Bruno Jullien, Margaret Kyle, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur, Patrick Rey, Jean-Charles Rochet, Paul Seabright, Nicolas Treich and Étienne de Villemeur

Project's Documents and Links: