Séminaire :

Paul Woolley Research Initiative Seminar on Capital Market Dysfunctionalities, IDEI.
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The aim of this seminar is bring together researchers to discuss recent papers dealing with several aspects of market dysfunctionalities, such as, e.g., illiquidity, manipulations, or cascades. The papers study how information asymmetries, market power, and irrationality can give rise to such dysfunctionalities. They also analyse which contracts, institutions and market structures can alleviate dysfunctionalities and improve outcomes, in terms of prices and allocations.

Programmes de recherche

Initiative de recherche Paul Woolley sur les dysfonctionnalités des marchés de capitaux

Groupe thématique TSE


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First Workshop of the Paul Woolley Research Initiative, Toulouse, France, 20 octobre 2008.
Organisé par Bruno Biais.
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