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Glen Weyl (Harvard Society of Fellows), « Pass-through as an Economic Tool », Economic Theory Seminar, TSE, Toulouse, 2 juin 2009, 11:00-12:30, salle MF 323.
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Pass-through rates play an analogous role in imperfectly competitive markets to elasticities under perfect competition. Log-curvature of demand links the pass-through of cost and production shocks to the division between consumer and producer surplus. Therefore in a wide range of single-product, symmetric multi-product, two-sided markets and merger analysis models knowledge of simple qualitative properties of the pass-through rate sign, and full knowledge of it quantfies, many comparative statics. Most functional forms for theoretical and empirical analysis put unjustified ex-ante restrictions on pass-through rates, a limitation our Adjustable-pass-through (Apt) demand and Constant Pass-through Demand System (CoPaDS) avoid. Appendices are available on request.