Finance in Toulouse (FIT)

This group gathers TSE researchers working in the field of Finance, and aims at coordinating and promoting research activities in this field. The group undertakes research projects, conferences and seminars.


Marianne Andries, Andrea Attar, Bruno Biais, Milo Bianchi, Christophe Bisière, Catherine Bobtcheff, Catherine Casamatta, Frédéric Cherbonnier, Jean-Paul Décamps, Fany Declerck, Roberta Dessi, Christian Gollier, Alexander Guembel, Augustin Landier, Thomas Mariotti, Nour Meddahi, Sophie Moinas, Guillaume Plantin, Sébastien Pouget, Soenje Reiche, Jean-Charles Rochet, Silvia Rossetto, Stéphane Villeneuve and Ekaterina Voltchkova