Paul Woolley Research Initiative on Capital Market Dysfunctionalities

The main objective of the Paul Woolley Research Initiative is to bring together researchers to produce and disseminate high-quality research on the working of capital markets and the welfare properties of the allocations acheived in these markets.

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      Paul Woolley visits Toulouse approximatively once a month. He interacts with many researchers, and he is constantly informed of the developments of our research projects. Many of our researchers regularly visit the PW centre at the LSE, and participate in the PW Conference, which is held every year in June at the LSE. In addition, researchers write policy-oriented papers for outlets such as VOX.EU, the Economist, FinancialWorld. The activities of PWRI has been featured in two recent issues of the Economist (August 2010, June 2011) .


Andrea Attar, Bruno Biais, Christophe Bisière, Catherine Casamatta, Jean-Paul Décamps, Fany Declerck, Christian Gollier, Alexander Guembel, Augustin Landier, Thomas Mariotti, Sophie Moinas, Guillaume Plantin, Sébastien Pouget, Jean-Charles Rochet, Jean Tirole and Stéphane Villeneuve